The Legend Bail Agent to Los Angeles Al Lopez was the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino’s Cult Classic “Jackie Brown”

“When South Los Angeles legend, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, was directing a film about a bail agent, he wanted to see how a real one lived and worked. He and leading actor Robert Forrester turned to another South Bay Legend, Al Lopez. A licensed bail agent since the age of 18, the former President of the California Bail Agents’ Association, and the second generation owner and operator of Ernie Lopez Bail Bonds, Al Lopez is always ready to help. They spent a few days watching Al go through his daily routine of taking calls, listening to people’s problems, writing bonds, and getting people out of all sorts of sticky situations. In the end, Robert said thanks, Quentin snapped some pictures of the office, and the rest is history. Hollywood magic happened, and bondsman Max Cherry was brought to life in Tarantino’s iconic cult classic Jackie Brown.”

“This was my first, and hopefully my last, experience with a bail bond. But I was so lucky to have fallen into the hands of a most caring person. Matt Miller was very patient. He explained the whole process to me. He kept me posted throughout the process. He helped me keep my sanity. I had no idea what this process entailed. I recommend their services to everyone but especially for those needing this service for the first time. Thank you Matt”
Paula H.
“Dear Lopez Family
Thank you for kind & gentle professionalism and your compassion during a difficult time with our son. We appreciate the advice Susan gave to my sister. We appreciate the immediate caring return call from Al to make arrangements. We appreciate Rob meeting us at the courthouse. Great Guy. Thank you from the Bottom Of Our Hearts!”
“Al and the folks at Ernie Lopez Bail Bonds have saved me from what would have been a very bad situation and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who’s ever been in my kind of trouble. I’m not going to get into details, let’s just say I made a very stupid mistake and am very grateful that Al works so fast – he had me out of jail in what felt like seconds. I was putting together a vitally important business deal then and it would have gone down the drain if not for their quick, efficient and very professional service. My eternal thanks to Al and Lopez Bail Bonds for helping me, my family and my business avoid a great deal of embarrassment. They truly are the best!”

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